Selina Lee

Selina Lee

Certified Health Coach

I am 50 going 51, I am a Singaporean currently based in England. I am a certified Health Coach, an
engineer, and was a fitness instructor, past live.

What are my qualifications and specialty?
I am an IIN Certified Health Coach, currently furthering my Whole-Person Health and Gut Health
Certifications. I strongly believed in the interconnectedness of Whole-Person Health and not just the
symptoms or diagnosis.

Why did I decide to become a Health Coach?
I have migraine since the age of five. Hence from young, my curiosity towards the how, what, and
why our body reacts to different things sparked my interest in all health related. I received my Aerobic
Instructor Certificate and basic nutrition study at 17. I started my fitness journey at my local
community centre and private fitness clubs. The money was good, I never fall ill, and I was in tip top
health and shape. All did not last as soon as I step into the “working” world. The business travels, jet
lags, the never-ending conference calls sucked up all my time. But who cares? I was still in great
shape and still have the energy to go about life. Back then, I did not realise the frequency and
intensity of my migraine attacks have increased and I was losing weight! After childbirth, my health
starts to deteriorate. I do not have the energy I used to enjoy and began to fall ill easily. I began to be
allergic to things that I was fine with and the list kept getting longer. 2 years ago, I was diagnosed
with high blood pressure!
After I resigned, the 1st best decision and favour I have made for myself in a long time was to register
myself with IIN. The Health Coach programmed has helped me tremendously. I almost never get any
migraine attack, and my blood pressure is stable. I am feeling grateful and would love to reach out to
more who are like me and need my help.

What can you expect from me as a coach?
I will create a safe space for you to be heard. I will also spend quality time listening to you and
generate a therapeutic conversation with you. I will empower you to achieve your goals, while

holding you accountable. You will receive your own personalised solutions through the lens of Bio-
individuality and the concept of Interconnectedness of a Whole-Person Health.

What advice do I always give?
We are all bio-individual, we need to do ourselves a favour by learning how to listen to our body to
feed our body right and we also need to believe in staying healthy to remember to stay healthy.

Favourite health activities?
Doing workouts that target on sore muscle. Camouflage vegetables in my son meals, he does not like
vegetables or fruits. Removing cluster, chit-chatting with my son about his “games”, I mostly do not
understand. Watching a comedy as a family once a week and wet ourselves laughing. Listening to my
mother-in-law complain, she is so self-conscious about it that it is funny. Laying on the bed and
having a conversation with my male cat, Teddy.