Author | Trainer | Transformational Coach

A 41 year old Australian with Dutch heritage, living in northern Italy. A qualified health coach, engineer, and medical school trialer (aka drop-out). Sees the healthiest and happiest you.


What are my qualifications and specialty?
 IIN Certified Health Coach with add-on IIN Gut Health certification. I have an interest in diet coaching, looking holistically also at the impacting factors of exercise, purpose, relationships, environment, etc.


Why did I decide to become a health coach?
I enjoy helping people to achieve their best health, and it’s not easy in today’s society. My motivation comes from undergoing many challenges in overcoming Inflammatory Bowel Disease over 30 years, and whilst I benefited greatly from doctors and practitioners, my journey was very personal and the most important influencers were those with a hand on my shoulder, guiding as a coach does.


What can you expect from me as a coach?
I will listen to you and ask you the right questions. Believing in your best, I support you whilst keeping you accountable, and I try to make it fun. I like to get clients practical ASAP, with finding resources, brainstorming activities, creating meal plans, etc.


What advice do I always give?
Empowerment bridges the gap. You have to want to be healthy. Whilst there are some evidence-based truths, health is bioindividual, and you are different to everyone else. You can do it!


Favourite health activities?
Dish to cook
 – Hutspot, a grounding Dutch dish for winter: potatoes, carrot, onion, butter.
Exercise – Wing chun kung fu training.
Stress relief – A walk in the mountains.
Laugh  – funny animal videos.