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Our community of Health Coaches are from one of the world’s renowned health coaching institute, the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

Elika Tasker
Health Rebel, Restaurateur, Certified Plant-Based Chef & Nutritionist

Elika is a certified Health Coach, Restaurateur, Certified Plant-based Chef and Nutritionist. She is known for her rebellious approach to making health more realistic. Following years of corporate burnout, frustration with yo-yo dieting and lack of nutritional support available from personal trainers, Elika set course on a path to healthy living and evolved relationship with food.

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Sabeen Faruqi
Certified Holistic Health Coach | Nutritional Therapist

I’m an integrative nutrition health coach and holistic lifestyle/ wellbeing expert. Along with a Masters in Biochemistry and being a certified Nutritionist/ Healthcoach, I leverage my subject expertise, strong communication and listening to understand the background of my clients and create a holistic lifestyle recovery/ specific to each clients background.

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Selina Lee
Certified Health Coash

Selina is a Singaporean currently based in England. She is currently furthering my Whole-Person Health and Gut Health Certifications. I strongly believed in the interconnectedness of Whole-Person Health and not just the symptoms or diagnosis. You will receive your own personalised solutions through the lens of Bio-individuality and the concept of Interconnectedness of a Whole-Person Health.

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Certified Health Coach

Madeline is an Australian with Dutch heritage, living in northern Italy. A qualified health coach, engineer, and medical school trialer (aka drop-out). Sees the healthiest and happiest you.

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Specialist Health Coaches

Swee Lin
Author | Trainer | Transformational Coach

Swee Lin Lim is a certified Transformation Coach and an active global trainer with the Marisa Peer School, specializing in the multi-award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy.  The technique helps clients deeply understand the root cause of their challenges in life, let go challenge fast and safely and replace it with a more helpful belief that will serve them more effectively.

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