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To a Healthier and Happier you

Who should join?

1. People who have persistent health issues (digestive issues, chronic fatigue, cravings etc)

2. People who have tried diets but they are not working

3. People who want to eat healthy but do not know where to start

4. People who want to keep their weight off permanently

5. People who have a busy schedule and struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Why Coogeki Health approach works?

1. Integrated Nutrition

We do not address diet or physical activities only. Your Health encompasses more than just diet or physical activities. We address both Primary Foods (work, social life, relationships, environment, sleep, stress etc) & Secondary Foods (nutrition from foods). Our approach is all encompassing and truly holistic (in essence of the word).

2. Lifestyle & Habits

Habits are hard to break. You can have all the health information and knowledge in the world but the challenge is changing your lifestyle. Our approach supports gradual change in your habits and your lifestyles

3. Personalised Care

We believe in Bio - Individuality. Everyone is different in genetics, are brought up differently and are raised in our own unique environment. We have built for ourselves a lifestyle that is uniquely us.
Our health is also unique and are made up of all the habits we have built over our lifetime. They have made us who we are today. We respect this uniqueness which we call Bio-Individuality.
Our approach is personalised, as one size does not fit all. We understand who you are as a person and then address the issues that impact your health.
We believe personalised care leads to more success.

How to get started?

Launching in Nov 2017

A health coach will contact you through email. Your health coach will schedule a call or a video conference with you (through Skype) to get to know you and your health goals. Your health coach will go through what to expect in your 4 months or 6 months health program.

What to expect?

Measure your body composition

You and your health coach need to monitor your health progress. The body composition data provides us a basic starting point to monitor your health improvements through our health coaching program. (if you do not have a body composition weighing scale, we suggest you invest in one. Here is our recommended scale: (iHealth) Please contact your health coach on where to buy one online.

Download Coogeki Health APP

You will need to download our APP and register your account. You begin by entering some basic information of your health history and any medication you are on. The APP is the place where you keep track your diet, water intake, fitness activities and body composition progress.

Coaching sessions with your Health Coach

You will have video Skype conference twice a month. Each session is 45min. During the session, the health coach will find out where you are at and guide you in the steps you should take to achieve your health goals. Note: Some personal information has to be shared. This is not a diet plan program. It's a holistic health program so the health coach needs to know about you. Your stress levels (work, family, relationships etc), sleep, particular health issues, struggles etc. You can choose not to share personal information but your program will not be as effective since your health is not just about diet.
The health program is personalized. So the commitment is your decision to decide how much priority you want to put on your health in achieving your health goals. The health coach will work with your priorities.

Data privacy is of our utmost priority

Your data privacy is protected in our system and only your health coach can access those data. Under our code of ethics and conduct, all health coaches are required to keep client information confidential. Any misappropriation will lead to disciplinary and/or legal actions.

Monitoring progress

The body composition measurement needs to be taken every 2 weeks so you and the health coach can monitor your progress. Your food diary, water intake, fitness activities and other information in your APP will also be evaluated at the end of every 2 weeks. Your health coach will evaluate the collected data and will guide you how to progress further during your health coaching session.

Human-Centred Health Approaches


Weight Management

(Optimize Body Composition -
Targeting Fat reduction)


Low/Medium Risk Chronic Illness

(eg. Cholesterol Issues)


High Risk Chronic Illness

to be launched soon