What we do?

Who you are today is the result of a complex web of habits formed over time. At Coogeki Health we help participants develop long lasting healthy habits with our human-centered health program.

Health Coach, Journeying with You

Coogeki Health is here to journey with you to achieve your health goals. Your Health Coach is not only your Caregiver but a Friend, Cheerleader and Confidant. They are here to get to know you and to understand your pain points. They are gifted with the ability to connect with people and have a deep sense of empathy.

Technology, Inspired by Care

As part of our Human-Centred Health Program, we go further to understand who you are with our integrated technological products. We broaden connectivity so you can be connected to your Health Coach at any place and time.

Our technology allows you and your Health Coach to monitor your health conditions real time so as to understand your progress and optimize your health program.

We empower you so you can take control of your health.

Care & Support

Health Coach


Interactive Lessons


Body Composition

Wireless Scale



Lean Muscle%

Bone Density


Target Health Condition

Health Sensor



High Blood Sugar

High Blood Pressure

Personalized Program

Nutrition Plan

Fitness Plan

Behavioural Science, Improving Outcome

Our team of Psychologist, Behaviour Health Specialist & Data Scientist works with Health Coaches to understand data and behavior to produce positive outcomes. We also use machine learning to enhance our program to help participants stick with healthy habits.

Beyond Symptoms

As a supportive healthcare company, part of our Human-Centered Health Program provides you the option to delve deeper into identifying other possible root causes of your health issues.

Our health team is trained and has expertise in functional medicine that allows us to implement treatment protocols that are evidence-based. Using a systematic approach, we will assess your health condition and conduct diagnostic tests if necessary.

The health team will work alongside your health coach to personalize a health program tailored to address your health issue.

Who we are?

Coogeki means the Gap. We have identified a gap in the healthcare industry. With the advancement in the medical and pharmaceutical industry we should see a drop in chronic diseases. Ironically, the burden of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide. In Singapore, it is a significant cause of disability and death. In this era of chronic diseases, we need to change behaviors, not write more prescriptions.

Our mission is to help people develop healthy lasting habits. Our health program is based on human-centered approach and design.

We are a team comprising a Doctor, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Data Analyst, Software Developer and Health Coaches.

Human-Centred Health Programs - Options

Please choose the Health Program you are interested in and drop us an email.

We will contact you once they are available.

Our Balance Health Program

Weight Management

(Optimize Body Composition -
Targeting Fat reduction)

Our Healing Health

Low/Medium Risk Chronic Illness

(eg. Cholesterol Issues)

Our Regeneration Health Program

High Risk Chronic Illness

to be launched soon