While the world offers diet and fitness plan as health solutions,

Coogeki Health offers health transformation with our

Human-Centered health approach

What is a Human-Centered health approach?

A human centered health approach

respects bio-individuality

Everyone is a unique and so is your health. No one diet or fitness plan fits all. We start by getting to know who you are as a person.

A human centered health approach

adopts primary and secondary foods

Primary foods like work, social life, relationships, environment, sleep, stress, all affect health.
It has to be taken into considerations if your health is to be transfromational. Secondary foods are the nutrition your body needs.

A human centered health approach

looks beyond symptoms

We assist in identifying culprits or the contributing factors behind health issues.
Root causes needs to be addressed for true health transformations to take place

A human centered health approach

built on a genuine desire to help

The practitioners must have a genuine desire to help people. This is the most important criteria to be part of Coogeki Health coach community. We embrace a loving, compassionate and caring culture in Coogeki Health.
Our health coaches are ambassadors of our culture.

A human centered health approach can only be so if the organization delivering
the approach is human centered.

Being human centered is the heart of Coogeki Health.
Our logo says it all

What we do?

Health Coach, Journeying with You

Health Coach, journeying with You

Coogeki Health is here to journey with you to achieve your health goals. As your Health Coach we are not only your Caregiver but a Friend, Cheerleader and Confidant. We are here to get to know you and to understand your pain points. We are able to connect with people and have a deep sense of empathy.

Our community of Health Coaches in Coogeki Health are committed to helping you achieve your health goals. Many of us have been directly or indirectly impacted by health issues ourselves. Having gone through difficult journeys and struggles, we have compassion because we understand your challenges. And we have come to believe that changing lifestyles and habits are the best medicine, not by taking more medicine.

We are from one of the world's renowned health coaching institute, the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. We are about helping people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Technology, Inspired by Care

As part of our Human-Centred Health Program, we go further to understand who you are with our integrated technological products. We broaden connectivity so you can be connected to your Health Coach at any place and time.

Our technology allows you and your Health Coach to monitor your health conditions real time so as to understand your progress and optimize your health program.

We empower you so you can take control of your health.

Care & Support

Health Coach


Interactive Lessons


Body Composition

Wireless Scale



Lean Muscle%

Bone Density


Target Health Condition

Health Sensor



High Blood Sugar

High Blood Pressure

Personalized Program

Nutrition Plan

Fitness Plan

Behavioural Science, Improving Outcome

We are building a team of Psychologist, Behaviour Health Specialist and Data Scientist to work with Health Coaches to understand data and behavior to produce positive outcomes. We will also use machine learning to enhance our program to help participants stick with healthy habits.

Beyond Symptoms

As a supportive healthcare company, part of our Human-Centered Health Program provides you the option to delve deeper into identifying other possible root causes of your health issues.

We also work with experienced and trained professionals who have expertise in functional medicine to implement treatment protocols that are evidence-based. Using a systematic approach, we will assess your health condition and conduct diagnostic tests if necessary.

The health team will work alongside your health coach to personalize a health program tailored to address your health issue.

About us

Why Coogeki Health

Coogeki means the Gap. We have identified a gap in the healthcare industry. With the advancement in the medical and pharmaceutical industry we should see a drop in chronic diseases. Ironically, the burden of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide. In Singapore, it is a significant cause of disability and death. In this era of chronic diseases, we need to change behaviors, not write more prescriptions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people achieve healthier lives naturally by addressing various aspects of a person's lifestyle that impacts their health.

The Team

Calvin Ow Yong
Founder & CEO

Calvin Ow Yong

Founder & CEO

Calvin is a living testimony and who walks the talk in healthy living. His desire to heal our bodies through foods and natural means started as early as 1996 when he 1st started himself on a Macrobiotic diet.

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Steven Choong
Co-Founder & CTO

Steven Choong

Co-Founder & CTO

Coming Soon

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Florence Passillier
Director of Health Coaches

Florence Passillier

Director of Health Coaches

With a background in sales and marketing, Florence has been embracing a long expatriation life that led her to re-assess her professional journey.

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Kayo Dekker
Director of Business Development

Kayo Dekker

Director of Business Development

Good health is not a destination. It is a journey. Kayo’s journey saw her plunge into the abyss of ill health, fuelled by the pressures of the modern lifestyle.

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Our community of Health Coaches are from one of the world's renowned health coaching institute, the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

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