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Coogeki Health tailors for you a personalised lifestyle program
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What is your health Risk as women?

Get to know yourself

and create for yourself the story of your life

” Your life is an unique story to be told and in itself is an adventure you have traveled making who you are today.
Your health is part of that adventure.
Where it is today is not only your own making. Your environment, friends, loved ones
and all those around you has a played a part in your health story.

Know yourself and where you are now in that story, and create a new health story that you have aspired for ” .

You create your story,
our program are your water colors

Fat loss & Balance for life

Why does most weight loss program don’t work. If they do, why most people are not able to keep the weight off for life? 


Sleep better & up fresh

If you are here looking for another “tip” to sleep well, you probably have tried a list of suggestions found on the web recommended by our friend Google. Why are they not working? 


Feel the Energy every day

Are you often feeling tired, lethargic and sleepy? Struggling to wake up early in the morning craving for that coffee to either kick start or to sustain you throughout the day?


Hormone Balance

You are repeatedly in pain and feel weak all the time. The time of the month is here again, so quickly, so disturbingly dreadful. What if I tell you there is a solution for it?


Stress Free

Many women are aware that they suffer from stress and anxiety mentally or emotionally. Most stress management “tips” are external and may be helpful to temporarily relieve stress. However, until the root of the stress issue or issues are identified and addressed, it will be like fire fighting with a pale of water to an ever increasing flame. 


Tailored Wellness Program

Your health coach empowers you to paint the story of your life.
The first step is to get to know yourself by discovering the habits you may not know were there. With these insights we can begin creating opportunities for change.

Health Coach, Journeying with You

You are not alone!
No matter where you are in the world, you have one to one access with one of our dedicated coaches.

Technology, Inspired by Care

Our technology allows you and your Health Coach to monitor your health conditions real time so as to understand your progress and optimize your health program.

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